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Peduto’s Campaign of Mischaracterization

Wheatley: Peduto’s Campaign of Mischaracterization


Pittsburgh – Today during a press conference conducted by Councilman Bill Peduto’s campaign for mayor, a surrogate for him was quoted as saying that “[E]very time you vote for Jake Wheatley, you’re giving a vote to Jack Wagner.”


In these closing days of the May 21st primary, the comment came as somewhat of a surprise considering Mr. Peduto organized the press event in order to denounce negative tones being projected during the election.


Jake Wheatley’s mayoral campaign released the following statement from his spokesperson, Daren Berringer.


“While we respect the surrogates of Mr. Peduto, we also respectfully disagree with their mischaracterization of the facts of this race and their attempt to confuse the electorate.


“Jake Wheatley has been the only candidate in the race for Mayor who has had the courage to not only address the issue of poverty, but present a plan to eradicate it in such a way that will ensure a long-term economic benefit for all of Pittsburgh. And Jake has done it while also being the only candidate in this race to have never run a single negative advertisement against his opponents. If only Mr. Peduto could say the same.


“Anyone who looks closely at this campaign understands that voting for Jake Wheatley is in fact a vote for economic fairness. If Mr. Peduto is afraid to see a day in which all Pittsburghers are realizing prosperity, well then we understand why he would instruct his surrogates to say such misleading comments about voting for Jake Wheatley’s vision for the city.”



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  1. Jake wheatley sr says:

    Vote for jake wheatley if you want the best leader in this race !

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